Bits and Bobs

Random bits and bobs that I have purchased.

Everyone knows that your battery dying whilst out and about is a nightmare.  No matter how much you try to leave the house with a decent charge, there are those occasions when it just can’t be helped.  Thankfully, Sandberg have products to counteract this.

They were kind enough to send me out a PowerBar 2200 mAh to review.


Inside the box, you will find the PowerBar itself, a 33 cm Micro USB cable and a small Instruction Guide.

When the PowerBar first arrived, I was instantly impressed by the size and look of it, (9.3 cm and 2.10 cm wide), it is a decent enough size to fit anywhere.   It also has a very nice look to it, with its metallic green colouring – other colours are available, it won’t look out of place.  It was very simple to setup for charging.  Literally just plug the Micros USB in on the PowerBar and plug it in to your computer, or other power source.  Whilst charging, the LED light on the device lights up red and when charged, changes to green.  There was no need to install any drivers or anything, and charging started immediately.

When it came to using the PowerBar on my mobile device – my iPhone in this case – it did exactly what it should.  I simply plugged in the iPhone charging cable to the PowerBar and connected it up to my phone.  Charging started as soon as I connected the two devices together.  I kept my phone on charge whilst driving  and after a 15 minute trip, it had charged an extra 22%.


Charge life on the PowerBar seems to be substantial and I have only had to recharge through the PC once since it arrived.

Overall, I am very impressed with everything about this device.  It looks great, is a very handy size, and does exactly what it should – charges my devices.  While I only tested it with my phone, there are plenty of other devices you can use it for – pretty much anything that can be charged via USB.  For the price that you can pick one up for (around £13 from Amazon UK at time of writing) this is definitely something that you could do with having in your car or bag, even if as a ‘just in case’.

Hey guys!

The postman has just been (Wednesday) and dropped of the newest gadget on my review list, the Nuvo Pro Game Grip from Nuvo Gadgets!


The Game Grip turns your iPhone 4/4S and iPod 4th Generation into a handheld gaming device.

I’ll have an unboxing post up for your reading pleasure soon!

Hey guys!

The kind folk over at Rapid Fire Kits have given me a discount code for you to use against any orders you place on their website!  So if you fancy changing the look of your controller or just jazzing things up a bit, go pay them a visit!

Just enter the code “Haley15” at the checkout to receive a 15% discount on your order total.

If you do go ahead and purchase something, let me know what you get – I like to be nosy 🙂

I received these beauties in the post today from the kind people over at Kingston Technology.


First impressions?  I really like them!

I will be reviewing one of them soon and offering one up in a giveaway over the next week or so so stay tuned!

I came home from the shop this morning, and after already receiving stuff in the post, I thought I was done for the day delivery wise.  But no, there was another package waiting for me – well, my dogs mainly.

I was greeted with my next product from the kind people over at KONG.  A weird looking KONG Safestix.  You’ll see what I mean by ‘weird’ when you see the image.

I will be posting up a review of it over the next 5-7 days, so stay tuned!


For the record, my dogs love it!

Ohhh, and that’s not all!!  I found a keychain at the bottom of the package – a nice added bonus that was totally unexpected.  Only problem is, the GSD thinks it is hers and sits here staring at it.