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The more products from Razer that I use, the more I fall in love with them as a brand.  I have grown accustomed to the outstanding quality, ease of set-up and use, and the range of people that they cater for.


The moment I saw the packaging for the Mamba 4G 2012 gaming mouse, it was a pure ‘wow’ moment.  The mouse itself is presented in a transparent box packaging that shows off its beauty before you even touch the box.  The mouse is shown attached to a stand that allows you to see all angles of it.  The top right hand corner of the box is sporting the Razer logo, while the right top corner informs you that the Mamba is powered by the all new 4G Dual Sensor system.  The bottom half of the box is encased in a cardboard sleeve that you simply slide off to remove.


Getting into the box was a bit tricky for me.  I don’t have much strength in my hands so the fact that you have to press the two sides of the box together and pull out the top from the bottom before you can get into the box would have put a stop to things for me straightaway.  Luckily, I had my partner to open the box for me.  Once the top was separate from the bottom, gaining access to everything was pretty easy.  You simply unclip the mouse from the stand to remove it.  Looking around the back of the box, you are greeted with three cardboard drawers, as well as the standard  envelope that contains the Razer stickers and information.  The drawers themselves contained even more goodness.  The big drawer at the bottom of the three was housing the mouse charging dock.  The dock itself has the Razer logo, a sync button, and a space in the back to plug-in the cable.  Drawer number two contained the 1100 mAh battery, which provides around 12 hours of use once fully charged.  In with the battery you will also find the battery compartment cover for the base of the mouse.  Finally, in the last draw, is the braided Mini USB cable which you can use to connect the charging dock to the PC OR you can plug it directly into the mouse to make it wired – how amazing!  The mouse simply sits on top of the dock – it’s pretty simple and once in place, feels quite secure.

Setting the mouse up took only a few seconds.  Plug the dock into the PC and insert the battery into the mouse.  The battery may need charging before use, so maybe set it up a little while before you intend to use it, or use the USB cable.  Once plugged in and turned on, the RGB LEDs went to work and my gosh, they look amazing!  The dock lights up all around the base and the mouse lights up in unison.  The lights are fully customisable using the Razer Synapse 2.0 cloud software – you can also use the software to personalise your mouse DPI  (range of 100 to 6400), buttons and cursor settings – perfect for if you have different profiles for different people.  Also using the Synapse program, you can keep track of the battery power level and also calibrate the mouse to suit you.  Finally, the Mamba is sporting the new 4G sensor, which uses both a laser and an optical sensor, which when coupled with the ultra slick mouse feet, provides increased accuracy across a number of different surfaces.


After using the mouse as both a wired, and a wireless mouse, personally, I could tell no difference.  Both modes worked seamlessly well and having the option to go wired and wireless is definitely something that could come in handy.  The Mamba fits very nicely in the hand and access to all buttons (Left & Right, scroll wheel, two small buttons at the top of the left mouse button and two on the left side of the mouse) is easy and effortless.  It is very comfortable to use for both short and extended periods of time and for someone who gets sore hands from long sittings at the PC, I can honestly say that I encountered no discomfort.  The base of the mouse has the sensor, power button, sync button, an eject button for when the USB cable is attached, making it easier to remove, and of course, the battery compartment.

After having time to use the mouse for a number of activities, the ease of use with the Synapse 2.0 software, and also being able to sit back and watch the light show provided by the charging dock, I am very impressed with the Razer Mamba 4G mouse.  It is an absolute pleasure to use, no matter where you are or what surface you are using.  The option to have both a wired and wireless mouse is a nice touch and would suit any and every body.


With so many gadgets depending on battery power nowadays, there are all kinds of devices about to help extend the life of said gadgets.

Sandberg were kind enough to send me out one of their 2000 mAh Foldable Battery Dock’s for review.


The packaging that the device arrived in is easy on the eye, contains all of the information you need, and allows you to get a good view of the product you are getting.  First off you notice the dock itself through the clear plastic window on the front of the box.  You also information regarding a 5 year warranty, the mAh of the battery, and images of the dock with it is folded out.  Flipping the box over, you have information about what the dock id and what devices it works with – this information is available in several languages.  The box itself is sealed with a magnet sealed flap that opens up and takes you straight to the device.  There is no fiddly packaging to deal with in order to remove the device for the first time.  Under the dock in the packaging is where you will find the USB Mini USB cable, and on the flap of the packaging there is a thing pocket that the instruction manual is stored in.

I was surprised at how lightweight the dock is when I removed it from the packaging (200g).  Size wise, the dock is definitely something that you could keep in your pocket or handbag.  You have the Sandberg logo on the top of the dock just above where the LED lights are located.  You have an LED to indicate when the dock is charging, as well as indicators to show how much the dock is charged by – one for 25, 50, 75 & 100%.  If you flip the dock over, you have another Sandberg logo on the part of the dock that folds up and around in order for you to attach your iPhone/iPod to.


When it comes to charging the dock, it doesn’t really take too long to charge the device to full power – around 2-3 hours by AC adapter, and 4-5 via PC USB.  The dock provides a decent charge to your device also, depending on how charged the dock is in the first place.

Because of the style of the dock, it is very easy to use both whilst out and about, as well as when you are home.  It sits quite nicely on the desk or on a table beside the sofa – no more having to leave my phone on PC desk whilst watching TV!  For the price you pay also (around £29 on Amazon UK), you will get more than your moneys worth.


Overall, the dock is very impressive.  It is small, lightweight, and compact enough to take everywhere that it may be needed.  It does what it says it should do, and more!  This is definitely something that will get used on a daily basis both in, and outside my household.