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When it comes to playing the PS3, the controllers aren’t always user friendly.  For this reason, I am always on the lookout to find ways to make PS3 game time more comfortable for my hands.  Hopefully, this is where the ORB Wired Game Controller for the PS3/PC from ORB Accessories comes into play.

First up, the box itself is easy on the eye.  The red and white box colouring is nice to look at, and is coupled with an image of the controller.  When looking around the box,  you can find some controller information listed, making it easy for you to find out the functions of the controller before you buy it.


Inside the box you find the following contents.

  • 1 x Wired Game Controller
  • 1  x Instruction Manual

The controller itself looks and feels very nice.  With its matt black finish, ORB logo and nice button designs, it is nicer to look at than the regular PS3 controller – in my opinion.  When holding it, it has a nice texture on the skin, the kind of texture that you don’t need any extra grip with.  It has the four buttons on the back of the controller – L1, L2, R1 and R2.  The L2 and R2 buttons are not the usual trigger style, but normal buttons, just over double the size of the L1 and R2 buttons.  The D-Pad is a solid button you have a Turbo button, Clear button and the Select, Start and PS home buttons.  The thumbsticks have a nice grip to them, hopefully making it a little easier to control without added grip, rather than the sticks on the standard PS3 controller.  Lastly, the Square, Triangle, Circle and X buttons stay similar to those on the original controller, but have their own design to them too.


Product Features.

  • Support multiple signals transmission without interference
  • Suppers PC game using OS Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Turbo buttons
  • 4 corresponding LED indicating the choice of channel
  • Support up to 7 multi-players

When it came to getting the controller up and running, it couldn’t be easier.  Simply plug the controller cable into the PS3 console and then turn it on.  You should see  the LED lights start to flash, confirming  the connection between the controller and console.  Press the PS button to operate the controller and the controller should choose the channel.

When it comes to using the Turbo button during gameplay, the Instruction Manual does a great job of walking you through how to get things up and running.  I would highly recommend reading through the manual, even if just to get to grips with how things work ahead of time.

Comfort wise, I found the ORB controller easy to hold and comfortable to use.  The thumbsticks seem to be reachable, more-so than they are on the standard controller.  The D-Pad is easy to use, as are the Square, Triangle, Circle and X buttons.  The L and R buttons are easily accessible and despite my reservations about using the less curved L2 & R2 buttons, I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of them.

I have used this controller a fair bit since receiving it and am impressed by it.  The comfort, style and look of the controller are all very appealing and if you are looking for something to use that has an improvement over the original PS3 controller, then this would be my suggestion to you.  At least give it a try if like me, you are a little skeptical about it – I don’t think you will be disappointed.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.


I was very lucky to obtain a set of SquidGrip for the Xbox 360 from HonestXboxReviews. When I game, I don’t suffer from excessive sweating on the hands, but wanted to try this product to see if it helped with my hands hurting after playing for a few hours. I tend to hold the controller tightly to stop it slipping from my hands, so wanted to see if SquidGrip would improve my grip.

When the product arrived, it came in a very sleak, stylish, and minimal sleeve type packet. Minimal, but with all of the information you need regarding SquidGrip. On the back of the packet was an easy ‘tear here’ strip to open without damaging the sleeve too much. The bit that I liked was that after tearing off the strip, it tells you to “READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING!” – very handy for those of us that usually jump in with both feet.

Each pack contains:

2 SquidGrips (one for each side of the controller)
A set of badges,
A SquidGrip sticker
An instruction manual

The instruction manual shows you, with both text and pictures, how to successfully apply the SquidGrips to your controller, as well as how to differentiate between the left and right Grip. Applying the Grips was easy and straightforward – if I can do it, anybody can! The badges add a nice finished look to the Grips – these are customisable when you make your purchase for a small fee if you don’t want the bog standard ones.


When I used the controller after applying the SquidGrips, I found them to be very comfortable, and they didn’t look out of place. I did find that my fingers would edge towards the edge of the Grip on the back of the controller, but once I was used to it, everything was fine. I did notice that I didn’t have to hold the controller as tightly, which was the main reason I wanted to give these a try because over-gripping causes me hand pain. This made my day and in my eyes, SquidGrip would be worth every penny of the $14.99 (plus postage).

To anyone that is looking to improve comfort or to minimise sweaty palms while playing, I would highly recommend SquidGrip.

Available for Xbox360 and PS3 controllers from


After trying to convince myself that I needed a new Xbox controller – despite have 3 already – I decided to treat myself to a Red Chrome Controller as a birthday present to myself. I could have waited for another regular controller to come along, but the chrome style controllers really caught my eye.

The main look of the controller has changed slightly, compared to the bog standard wireless controllers. Not only has the face changed to an eye-catching and shiny colour, but there were also changes to the thumbsticks, as well as the D-Pad. The overall colour of the chrome controller is very eye-catching, with it’s shiny red chrome finish – hell, even the D-Pad is finished with a silver chrome colour! The red itself is definitely my favourite colour out of the three available – silver, blue and red. It is not an ‘in your face’ red, but a very nice ‘not too dark’ red that just screams at you – not in an over-bearing way though. The back of the controller is just a standard black finish, not chrome. It would have been nice to have a total chrome effect I think. The only downside is the amount of fingerprints that are now visible, even with numerous attempts at cleaning and wiping.

The thumbsticks are now slightly different to the ones that you get on the previous wireless controllers. You will no longer find the dots that you have on the older controllers – these always helped me with grip. Now you have a slightly raised edge to the edge of the thumbstick – I don’t find that this helps any, especially when in the middle of a long gaming session. This is something that iI have rectified by purchasing some thumb grips that simply go over the top of the sticks. I found this not only helps me with my grip, but also will stop the grip on the top of the sticks from wearing away.

I think the D-Pad change is the biggest change in these new style controllers though, and this must be a pretty big change to overshadow the colour change, as well as the thumbstick changes. When playing on older gaming systems, the D-Pad was always spot on, especially with fighting games. When you first get the chrome controller, the D-Pad will be in the raised position. This matches the way that the original 360 controllers are. However, if you twist the D-Pad in a clockwise direction, the corners raise which in turn, offers more control – in my opinion.

Overall, now that the price has come down quite substantially since release of these controllers, I think these are a good buy – but only if you are looking for a controller that looks really nice, or want to be that little more precise when using the D-Pad. The regular 360 wireless controllers do the job perfectly well if those two things don’t bother you.

If you have any questions about this controller, please feel to ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.