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With so many tablet cases out there, the choice of which one to go with can be a bit hard. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Inch Book Case from Dicota to review today to see if it is up to the job.

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When the case first arrived, the packaging was nice to look at. It came in a transparent plastic sleeve type box and was sat in a plastic tray so that you can see from all directions what you are getting.

The case itself is a nice grey colour and feels very nice to hold.  You have a small Dicota logo on the bottom right hand corner of the front of the case.  When you open it up, you are greeted with a very soft lining which adds to the protection of the case. Also, because the lining is so soft, there is no chance of any scratches getting on to your tablet whilst inside the case. Weighing in at a light 0.2kg, the case will not add any extra weight or bulk to your tablet.

You will find openings for all the usual controls and ports, as well as both the front, and rear facing cameras. The case has a magnetic closure, with the magnet actually adding enough force to keep the lid closed properly whilst also being able to withstand any accidental pressure that may cause other lids to open accidentally.


The lid can be folded into a triangle shape so that you are able to use it as a stand, as well as just a case. You can use it in both typing mode and viewing mode just by adding an extra fold to the lid.

I do not have a Galaxy Tab 2 so am unable to judge the fit, but quality wise there is nothing that would let the case down. From the folding lid to the magnetic closure, the case looks as if it will do what a case should – protect your pad whilst adding extra functionality to it.

Check out the Dicota website for more details and specs and you can purchase the case from Amazon UK if you would like.


When you pay for something as extravagant as a laptop, you want to be able to ensure that you have something that will protect it in every way possible. Today, I will be taking a look to see if the Dicota Base Notebook Bag can live up to the challenge.

When I first received the bag I could tell by looking at it that the quality was high. I removed it from the plastic packaging that it arrived in and took a closer look. The bag that I was sent was the 15-15.6″ inch bag (38.1-39.6cm).


Looking at the front of the bag, there is a velcro sealed large pocket that can be used for a whole variety of things that you would like to keep close at hand, without having to store them actually in the bag. On the bottom right corner of the flap there is a nicely placed leather Dicota branded badge. If you flip the bag over, you will find a slip pocket that comes in very handy for paperwork and/or documents.

Using either of the two zips, when you open the bag up, you are greeted with a very well padded section for your laptop to sit in whilst being carried around. The removable shoulder strap included is very well made and attaches to the rings on the side of the bag. The velcro strap that is inside the bag does its job really well when it comes to holding your laptop in place.  Once my laptop was in the bag and strapped in, there was no movement whatsoever. Surrounding the laptop section is also a wired metal frame that adds even more protection to your laptop, which provides extra peace of mind when carrying the bag around. Any little knocks and bumps that may happen along the way should have no ill effect on your laptop, thanks to this. Lastly, but by no means least, you are also provided with pockets that allow you to carry around extra accessories whilst keeping them in order and not loose in the bag.


Overall quality of the bag itself is very good. The stitching looks very well done and also looks as if it will withstand a lot of use, which of course is important when it comes to protecting your gadgets.

This laptop bag does its job very well, and for the small price of £10.95GBP (on Amazon UK), it really is a small price to pay to protect your laptop.