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Trendz Accessories is making it easier for you to show your support for your team and the FA Cup Final this year.  Now whether that would be through protecting your tablet with the 10″ Trendz Universal Football Tablet Case, using said tablet with the Trendz Football Stylus, or by simply listening to the match through the Trendz In-Ear Football Headphones, you are covered from all angles!


The Trendz Universal 10″ Universal Football Tablet Case provides the protection that your tablet deserves, with its strong, hard-wearing material, and soft suede effect inner lining (which protects the screen from unwanted scratches).  The case also provides a built in stand, which not only provides 3 viewing angles, but also makes it much more functional while watching your favourite team play, or even just browsing the web!  The elasticated fastening makes inserting and removing your device easy and straightforward, and the strap keeps the case closed to provide additional protection to your prized possession.  (RRP: £20.49)

The Trendz Football Stylus pen is simple, easy to use, and it suitable for all touch capacitive touch screen devices (iPad, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, and a range of other devices).  This evenly weighted stylus will rest in your hand comfortably, provide a more accurate use than just using your finger alone, and is also designed to fit in nicely with the football theme.  Suitable for both left and right handed users, this stylus is ideal for browsing, gaming, and typing – all without leaving finger smudges on your screen! (RRP: £5.99)

The Trendz Football In-Ear Headphones provide not only a football themed, high quality design, but also bring to the table an immersive, listening experience.  The headphones deliver a rich, articulate sound with an ample amount of bass, yet also keep things clear when using them to make calls on your phone.  Complete with noise isolation to block out those unwanted sounds, feel yourself get swept away in the experience provided by the music, complete with the comfort factor. (RRP: 9.99)

You can buy Trends products in most high street and online retailers.

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I think it’s only fair that I start off this review by saying how much I love these Manhattan headphones from KitSound.  Out of all of the ones that I have reviewed, these are my absolute favourite!

First up, the packaging.  As with all of their products, KitSound know how to make their packaging stand out, but not in a bad way.  The front of the box has an image of the headphones, as well as a few tidbits of information regarding play time and call-handling.  The sides of the box gives some information in regards to where the name of the headphones came from, and the back of the box lists the features and specifications for the products, as well as the contents of the box.


Speaking of the box contents… The headset is well packaged between two cardboard inserts that offer a high level of protection during storage and transit.  Pulling these pieces apart, the headset is there for you to see in all its glory, and it is a very glorious sight!  Also provided is a USB to Micro USB cable, a Micro USB to 3.5mm jack cable, and a user manual.

The headset itself feels great in the hand.  The fully adjustable headband is padded, but not too much, whereas the rotatable earcups have a nice amount of padding.  The earcups are fitted to the headband using a silver metal fastener, which is also used to adjust the size of the headband.  The cables that feed through the headband are a braided material rather than the rubber material that you find on other headphones – a really nice change as there is no chance of stretching and damaging the cable.  The earcups both sport the KitSound brand logo on the outside and the bottom of the left earcup has the Bluetooth On/Off switch, the Micro USB port, Forward/Back button which also couple as the Volume + & – buttons, the Microphone and the LED indicator.


Setting up these headphones to use with my phone was rather straightforward.  Because they are wireless and include Bluetooth 2.1, they are compatible with most devices out there right now.  I set them up firstly with my HTC One and I had them working within 30 seconds.  It was just as quick setting them up with the iPhone as well.  If I did run into any issues, the user manual provides steps to get things paired. Getting used to the controls on the earcup took a little longer, but once I had got used to which way I had to press the button to change song/volume level, everything as fine.

Comfort wise, I cannot fault these headphones.  They are light enough to sit on my head and over my ears for hours of use with no discomfort from both the headband or the earcups.  The sound quality is pretty amazing, too.  I have used a few high priced pairs of earphones and the Manhattan’s are way up there with those.  There is a decent amount of bass, the music doesn’t sound tinny, and no matter what genre of music I tried them with, the music sounded as it should have.  Call quality is top notch too, both incoming and outgoing sound.


The battery life on these headphones is impressive – 18 hours of play time, 30 hours of talk time, and up to 300 hours standby time!  Charging the headphones’ Lithium Polymer battery is as easy as hooking up the Micro USB cable to the port on the left earcup and the USB to a power source and you’re away.  The other thing that I love about the Manhattan’s is that if you are caught out with a low battery, you can simply hook up the Micro USB to 3.5mm jack cable and use them as wired headphones!

If you haven’t been able to tell already, I am in love with these headphones.  They have impressed me no-end since I started using them and I look forward to using them on a regular basis.  If you ask me, these are well worth the £34.99 price-tag, and more.  I HIGHLY recommend these to anybody looking for a decent pair of headphones at a decent price and with them being available in a range of colours, there is sure to be something to suit everyone!

If I am honest, I had not heard of KitSound until a few months ago and I have to admit, I was really looking forward to receiving a pair of their iD headphones to review.  I was asked what colour I would like and I simply replied “surprise me”.  I had the green pair arrive, which I was pretty happy about as green is my favourite colour!

The box that the headphones arrived in is pretty minimalistic.  The colour scheme of the inside of the box, which is visible through the window matched up with the colour of the headphones, so it all fit together rather well.  The text on the front of the box provides the information that you would more than likely like to know before buying the headphones – there is a microphone and control button, an adjustable headband, and earcups that swivel.  The back of the box shows information about the iD headphones, as well as box contents, and a list of features and specifications.

Upon removing the headset from the box, I was impressed with how lightweight the headphones were.  I also noticed that the 1.2m cable is the same green colour as the headphones – I really like the fact that everything matches so that nothing looks out of place.  This cable does attach to both earcups, rather than just one or the other.  Also, the earcups contain the KitSound brand logo, as well as the L & R so you know which way around they go.  On the cable is also a multi function button and in-line microphone which makes handling phone calls and volume control so much easier when in use.  A list of specifications will be included at the bottom of this review.


Comfort wise, the iD headphones are easy to wear for long periods of time.  There have been a couple of occasions that I have forgotten that I have had them on, mostly because of how lightweight they are.  The earcups themselves have a very soft padding to them so that they do not start to cause discomfort on the ears when in use.  The downside to the earcups having 40mm drivers is that they will be quite small for some peoples ears.  Luckily, mine are reasonably small so I didn’t have an issue with them.  The headband also contains an area of nice padding which contributes to the comfort factor.  It is worth mentioning that the padding on both the earcups and headband is also green, which again ties in nicely with the whole colour scheme of the headphones.

Sound quality wise, I didn’t notice any distortion or tinniness.  When it came to the bass side of things, there is room for improvement.  It would have been nice to have a button or switch that could be used to increase the amount of bass for certain songs.  Saying this though, the bass that there is did do the job, albeit noticeable depending on the song in question.  The in-line microphone picked up my voice well and I was informed that I came through crystal clear on the other end of the phone call.

Would I part with my money to get a pair of these KitSound iD headphones?  Considering that they can be picked up for around £19.99 GBP on Amazon UK, and due to the fact that they are available in a large variety of colours, I would definitely pick up a pair of these – both for me or as a gift.


Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Drivers: 40 mm
Cable length: 1.2 m
Speaker magnet: NdFeb
Jack plug: 3.5 mm

Jabra is a company most known for their range of audio devices. Most recently, their Jabra REVO headphones from their Jabra Music range were released. You have a choice of either corded or bluetooth wireless headphones. I have managed to get my hands on a pair of the corded REVO headphones for the purpose of this review.

To say that I was looking forward to receiving these headphones is a massive understatement. I had previously used a Jabra hands free headset for use in the car so was eager to see how this headset lived up to the high expectations I had already.

The Jabra REVO headphones arrived packaging that is very easy on the eye. Everything from the box that they arrived in to the striking yellow rubber strip that runs down the middle of the packaging just popped and was pleasant to look at. You also get a good view of the headphones through the clear front packaging which made me even more eager to get into the box.


Once inside, you are greeted with the headphones, a slight glimpse of the orange braided cable and two small black boxes. The headphones are held in place by two velcro straps just above the earpads. Inside the larger of the two boxes you find the orange cable (3.5mm jack), a bag that is used to house the headphones while they are not in use or being transported around and a small pile of booklets and information leaflets. Even the small paper wraps that are used to keep the headphone bag and the pile of information in place goes really well with the main packaging with the choice of yellow and black colouring.

The style of the headphones is very sleek and well designed. They are a headphone that I would be proud to be seen out and about with. With the striking white, grey/aluminium and orange colour scheme, everything just melds together. The orange cord is also a nice touch. Rather than going with a black or white colour, the orange actually compliments the headphones. You will notice also that you have a choice of which side to plug in the detachable orange cable. Very handy if you have a preference over what side you would rather have the wire attached. Speaking of the orange cable – on the in-line controls you will find a microphone so that you can take and answer calls without having to disconnect anything. You also have the ability to pause your music, skip tracks and adjust the volume level too. If you look at the earpads too, you will see the nice orange mesh inside and instead of having the standard L & R telling you which ear is which, it actually tells you on the orange mesh. A very nice touch!  The wire that runs from ear to ear through the headband is visible above the earpads and has just enough slack to be left undamaged when adjusting the headband to fit both larger and smaller heads.  The wire does not get trapped as you make the headphone size smaller nor does it get over-stretched as you make the size bigger.


I tried using these headphones with a few different devices just to see if the sound quality was the same on all. I am very glad to be able to say that it was. The sound was very crisp and clear, and the quality was amazing. You could hear the bass, although it was not over-powering. Each and every song that I listened to was a pleasure to listen to, no matter what it was that popped up. Connectivity wise, you can use these REVO headphones with your phone, PC/laptop, and an MP3 player.

Looking at the headphones at first I was a little unsure as to how comfortable these headphones would be. Sure, there is a nice amount of memory foam padding on the earpads and the fully adjustable headband was soft to the touch but it still wasn’t enough to convince me that the comfort would be long lasting. How wrong was I! The first day that I tried them I was sat on the laptop and had music playing through my phone whilst using these headphones. I was easily sat here for three hours non stop and felt absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. There was also no unwelcomed sweatiness on the ears as I have experienced with other headphones after using them for long periods of time. I did not experience any discomfort in the headband either, despite expecting to.

Having a built-in mic is a very nice feature too. Not having to disconnect the headphones to be able to take calls makes things so much easier. I made a number of calls whilst using the REVO and feedback was always positive. I could be heard clearly with no static, and call quality on my end was just as good, too. The placing of the in-line controls did prove to be a little fiddly at times, but nothing that would hinder my choice of purchasing this headset. I think maybe the controls were just a little too far up the cable, but as I said, nothing choice changing.

The Dolby Digital integration would more than likely sway a lot of people towards this headset. The app required is available through the Apple or Android app stores. You also require a product code which is included in the little bundle of information you find when you first remove everything from the box. You will also find a handy QR Code that you can scan so you don’t have to go searching the App Store for the app. After downloading and installing the app and then entering the product key, I realised that you have to have music on your device to be able to use this app/feature. I had to add a few songs to my phone via iTunes because all of my regular listening is done via a streaming service straight to my phone.


Once I had manually added a few songs it was easy to get started. Fire up the Jabra-Sound app and away you go. You can choose your music from the dedicated menu within the app. In the Settings menu you have the option to make changes via the Equalizer and also have the option to turn the Mobile Surround and Dolby Processing on and off. There is also an option to share your settings to Facebook and/or Twitter. Using the app was easy and straightforward> Now whilst I could definitely tell the difference between just using my streaming service, I do not think I would go ahead and purchase all of my music and import it to my phone so I could use the app. It will be very useful for people that do purchase their music from iTunes though.

The Jabra REVO headphones are very robust and could withstand anything that I threw at them. Saying this, I did not go out of my way to attempt to break them, but I also did not handle them as if they could break at any minute. Looking at the product details on the Jabra website it tells you there that the headphones themselves have been ‘Tested for life’. They have been bend tested 10,000 times, fold tested 3,500 times, drop tested from 2 meters, and the cable has been tested to 15kg/33lbs. After using the headphones for awhile, I can quite honestly believe that they have been tested to these extremes to ensure that they aren’t going to just fall apart.


Overall, the Jabra REVO headphones were an absolute pleasure to use. They are very well made and will withstand anything that is thrown at them, within reason, obviously. The sound quality is immense and the style of the headphones is just quality. If you are looking for headphones that are highly durable, offer great quality sound, and that are styled to suit anyone, these headphones are for you.



I purchased these headphones to use with the downstairs TV because my other half can get pretty noisy when playing on the PC in the same room. I was very sceptical at first after reading some of the other reviews on this site (Amazon UK), and also because of the low price – needless to say, all of that scepticism has gone straight out of the window.

The headphones themselves are very comfortable to wear – I have had them on for up to 7 hours at one point, only having to remove them to replace the batteries. They have nice and padded foam ear cups, which fit snuggly over the ear. The headband fits nice and comfy over the head, which adjusts smoothly to fit bigger heads with ease. You can find the power switch on the left ear – under the left ear cup is the battery compartment – both easy to remove and replace. The volume wheel, along with the tuning button, on the right.

The docking station looks very nice and sits very nicely on my TV unit without looking out of place. On the back of the docking station you find the channel switch – I didn’t need to change this as everything worked as it should as soon as it was plugged in – there are 3 channels to choose from, so if one doesn’t work, try another. Also located on the back is the audio out port, which you can easily connect up to your TV, and of course, the power adapter socket.

You can tell that the headphones are working perfectly when you have them all set up because you get lights on the docking station that come on when the sound is going through them – if you can’t hear anything, try either changing the channel on the headphones and turning the volume up.

The sound quality itself has been flawless in my opinion. No background hiss as mentioned by other people here, not too tinny and not too bassy. I really can’t fault the sound quality, especially for the price.

These headphones do like to use batteries – rechargeable are definitely going to work out cheaper in the long run, so it would benefit you to purchase some if you don’t already have them.

I had serious doubts when I first purchased these, as mentioned earlier, but am very glad that I did. I can now have late night TV sessions without worrying about disturbing the neighbours, but even better, without my partners voice ringing in my ears while he plays his games.

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable set of wireless headphones, these would get my vote every time.

**Review written 01/05/12