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Back up batteries are becoming a must have item nowadays, especially with so many people having and relying on gadgets that are battery powered.  There are plenty of products to choose from and today, I have the Sandberg PowerBar 2200mAh, complete with its own flashlight, for review.

The packaging that the PowerBar arrives in is pretty simplistic.  It shows you the PowerBar itself through the clear packaging at the front and in the bottom corner, there is a short bit of text about the product.  On the reverse of the box, there is a bit more info which is also available in several languages.  The bottom of the box shows you that there is a 5 year guarantee on the product.


Removing the PowerBar from the box is as simple as open the top of the box and sliding out the plastic sleeve that houses the product.  Also included in the box is a Micro USB cable which is used to charge the device, and a small instruction leaflet.  The PowerBar itself has nicely curved corners and measures in at 9.3 cm in length and 2.10 cm in width, and weighs around 75g – definitely small enough to be carried around with you while out and about.  Along one of the sides, you will find the Sandberg logo, a silver button and 3 LED lights.  The button is for the flashlight – double click to turn it on and double click to turn it off again.  I haven’t had a reason to use this too much yet, but what I have used, it could prove handy.  The LED lights show the battery level and come on when you press the silver button once.

Charging the device prior to its first use was really straightforward,  It was simply a case of connecting the USB cable to the PC and also to the PowerBar.  Once connected up, charging started immediately – no need to install any drivers.  While charging the LED lights flashed, and once fully charged, the flashing stopped.  It was just as simple to use when I wanted to charge my phone also.  I simply hooked up my charger cable to the PowerBar and connected it to my phone and charging began.  It managed to charge my phone around 45% after a 30 minute charge.  It could have charged it more if I wasn’t using my phone at the same time.  I have only had to charge the device once since receiving it last week, so it seems like the battery life will be sufficient for most people.


Overall, I am very impressed with the PowerBar.  It does what it should, when it should, and is small enough to be portable.  The metallic effect to the pink colouring makes the device stand out even more and doesn’t look out of place.  This can be used with many devices – pretty much any that can be charged via USB cable.  For the price of between £12.00 & £17.00 GBP (varies with colour choice) on Amazon UK, I think that this is a handy accessory to have, even if as a ‘just in case’.

Protecting your expensive possessions from scratches and damage is something that is most likely top of everyone’s list. You need a product that can do the job expected of it without having to pay through the nose for it.

I recently received a pack of 6 x MOFRED iPhone 4/4S screen protectors to review. Packaging wise, things are kept minimal. A simple plastic bag type package with the MOFRED branding and a list of features, including anti-glare, dust repellent, and scratch-proof.  The back of the packaging shows how to attach the protector to your screen, as well as some product information and a list of features.


When it came to applying the screen protector, it really couldn’t have been simpler. You just remove the film that covers the screen side and apply it to your screen, after cleaning it thoroughly first with the included microfibre cloth, and attach it to the screen. If when you apply it first of all you find there are bubbles, it is easy enough to remove and reapply. Luckily I did not encounter this issue but I am glad that it is easily rectified if and when it does happen.  Once the main part is attached to the screen, simply pull off the front film.  You can use the included piece of MOFRED branded card to press out any small bubbles that may occur.

The screen protectors themselves are nice and smooth and although they are thick enough to protect the iPhone screen, they are not too thick to cause any issues when using the screen. Using the screen with a protector applied, it is still nice and responsive, as you would hope it would be.  As it says on the front of the packaging, the protector that I applied to my phone has not been scratched in any way, and I have not had an issue with unwanted fingerprints.

For the price you pay for these, you are not only provided with the screen protectors, but also piece of mind that your iPhone is protected from any and all unwanted scratches and marks.

Everyone knows that your battery dying whilst out and about is a nightmare.  No matter how much you try to leave the house with a decent charge, there are those occasions when it just can’t be helped.  Thankfully, Sandberg have products to counteract this.

They were kind enough to send me out a PowerBar 2200 mAh to review.


Inside the box, you will find the PowerBar itself, a 33 cm Micro USB cable and a small Instruction Guide.

When the PowerBar first arrived, I was instantly impressed by the size and look of it, (9.3 cm and 2.10 cm wide), it is a decent enough size to fit anywhere.   It also has a very nice look to it, with its metallic green colouring – other colours are available, it won’t look out of place.  It was very simple to setup for charging.  Literally just plug the Micros USB in on the PowerBar and plug it in to your computer, or other power source.  Whilst charging, the LED light on the device lights up red and when charged, changes to green.  There was no need to install any drivers or anything, and charging started immediately.

When it came to using the PowerBar on my mobile device – my iPhone in this case – it did exactly what it should.  I simply plugged in the iPhone charging cable to the PowerBar and connected it up to my phone.  Charging started as soon as I connected the two devices together.  I kept my phone on charge whilst driving  and after a 15 minute trip, it had charged an extra 22%.


Charge life on the PowerBar seems to be substantial and I have only had to recharge through the PC once since it arrived.

Overall, I am very impressed with everything about this device.  It looks great, is a very handy size, and does exactly what it should – charges my devices.  While I only tested it with my phone, there are plenty of other devices you can use it for – pretty much anything that can be charged via USB.  For the price that you can pick one up for (around £13 from Amazon UK at time of writing) this is definitely something that you could do with having in your car or bag, even if as a ‘just in case’.

Today, I have a new giveaway for you lovely lot.

The kind folk over at caseable have been generous enough to provide a custom smartphone case for one of you to win.  To enter, it couldn’t be easier.

Visit the caseable website by clicking HERE . From here you can look through the large variety of designs that are available for smartphones, or you can create your own.  Choose your phone from the smartphone list and away you go.  When you have decided on a phone case design, either from the large selection available, or one that you have designed yourself, you just have to tweet me the link on Twitter.  If you create your own design, there is a button below the “Add to Cart” button that says Link (see image below).  Just click this and the link to your custom created case will be generated.  Alternatively, if you choose one of the designs from the shop, just copy and paste the link from your browsers address bar.


You must be following me on Twitter for your entry to be valid (@TootieTazzy).  The tweet that you send must include my Twitter ID @TootieTazzy, the link to the caseable website, and the link to the design that you would like, if you were to win.

Example: “Hey @TootieTazzy here is the design I would like if I win, please! (IMAGE LINK) http://uk.caseable.com/

This giveaway will stay open for 7 days, so will close on Wednesday, July 31st at midnight.  The winning entry will be chosen and and the winner will be informed the following day.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask here, or fire a tweet my way.

The Clear-Coat phone skins introduce a whole new way of protecting your phone from scratches and scuffs. Today I have the Aurora, as well as the Full Body Protection skins to review.

2013-05-31 01.36.01

The packaging that the skin sets come in is actually very pleasant to look at. A nice, black box with the Clear-Coat logo on the front. It also tells you which product is inside, as well as “100% Clear Custom Engineered Protection”. All of the above has been printed in a raised effect too, so it is not just a plain box. Oh the back of the box it tells you what is in the box, as well as some specifications for the product.

Once you get inside the box, you are greeted with a plastic sleeve that holds the contents:

Custom Cut Clear-Coat – for front, back and sides
Application Solution
Professional Squeegee
Installation Instructions
**In the Aurora package you have both the Aurora screen protector as well as a Clear-Coat screen Protector, just in case you do not like the Aurora on the front of your phone.


I will admit that when I first saw the bottle of Application Solution, I was kinda nervous about what I actually had to do with it. The instructions soon cleared this up for me, but didn’t make me feel any easier.  In all honesty though, there was no need for any worrying on my part.

The installation process is the same for both the Aurora and the Clear skins. Click the image below for full size instructions.

2013-06-08 15.50.50

Once you have done all of the above, the end results are amazing. After applying both skins to separate phones, I have no air bubbles left and because of the thinness of the skin (.0006″ thick), there is no intrusiveness to the phone – this was the case for both skins.  The Aurora skin, however, adds something extra.  When you look at the phone from different angles and in different lighting settings, the skins projects different colours.  This not only keeps things fresh, but is also a good conversation starter.


A few days after applying, I had to remove the Aurora skin from the front of my phone and replace it with the Clear-Coat protector. I found that the Aurora screen protector was interfering with my eyes and also colours whilst playing games, etc. The eye interference is probably something that does not affect everyone, but I felt I should mention it, just in case.

Overall, both sets of skins were very simple to apply, even with having to use the solution. They both also do their job very well and aside from the slight issue with myself and the Aurora screen protector, everything else is still applied and working as it should be.


Clear Coat skins are available for a wide range of devices and also available as a ‘Real Feel’ skin, as well as the Aurora and Clear-Coat. All devices, products and prices can be found on the Clear-Coat website.