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The Sandberg Play ‘n Go headset offers hands free and portable entertainment.  Hopefully it will be able to live up  to expectations.

The headset itself arrives in a see through packaging which allows you to see it in all its glory.  The front of the box shows us that the headset folds up to make carrying it easier and also that it has a detachable cable.  The back of the box lists some information about the headset.  This information is also listed in several different languages.

Removing the headset was reasonably easy once I had figured out how to undo the fastening on the top of the box – a users problem through, to be fair.  The headset itself is sat in a plastic sleeve to help keep it secure whilst packaged.  It is just a case of lifting it out once removed from the box.  Also in the box are the cables required for use with your phone and also for the PC. The 3.5 to 3.5mm jack cable measure in at around 160cm and the cable that plugs into the PC to connect the headset to measures in at roughly 70cm.


The headset itself feels a bit on the light side but does feel well made.  The headband is fully adjustable and seems to be able to expand enough to fit larger heads.  The headband itself is nicely padded to offer comfort during use.  The ear cups are also well padded and fit over my ears very well.  The only slight issue I have is that after several uses, the headband looks as if it may be coming away from the padding.  You can see it slightly in the image above.   The silver sections on the side of the ear cups is a nice touch as it helps to break up the white colour scheme.  Wearing the headset for extended periods of time does not result in any discomfort either.  I think with the headset being so light (300g roughly) and also with the ear cups fitting over my ears so well, this helps keeps things comfortable.

Sound quality when using the headset for phone calls is very clear and crisp and I have been told that I can be heard clearly too.  Music wise, the sound quality is surprisingly good, especially when you consider the low pricing of this headset.  Using the headset on the PC is pretty straightforward.  Just plug-in the 3.5mm splitter cable into the relevant ports on the PC and plug-in the main cable to the extender cable.  It works fine with Skype and other voice chat programs, again with sound quality being great on both sides.

I really do like this headset.  With it being so lightweight and comfortable, as well as the great sound quality, it is well worth the price that you pay for it.  The only downside, as mentioned, is the slight separation between the headband and the padding.

Today I have a pair of Trendz in-ear canal earphones to review.  First off, the packkaging that they arrived in is simplistic but shows you everything that you need to know.  Through the clear window on the front of the box you get a clear look at the earphones themselves.  You can see the cupcake design on the outside of the earphones and can also see that they are in-ear canal earphones, rather than just the regular earbud style.  The rear of the box gives some specifications, as well as the social media and web url for Trendz.


Removing the earphones is simple – open the box and pull out the transparent plastic sleeve that they are sat on.  I will admit that getting the earphones off of the sleeve was a bit fiddly, but that was mostly because I didn’t want to snap the cupcake part from the earphone itself.  Once removed though, you are left with a generous length of cable with the 3.5mm adapter at the end.  The cable is a nice pink colour, as it the earphone themselves, and it all fits really nicely together.  Style wise, you can mix and match these earphones with other Trendz products, from phone cases to USB drives.

Sound wise, the earphones performed pretty well.  Obviously they are not up there with the earphones that you pay through the nose for, but for the price you shouldn’t be disappointed.  Because these are in-ear canal earphones, they perform better than the standard earbuds as far as reducing outside noise so that you get to hear more of the music and less of everything else.  When it comes to comfort, I didn’t have an issue.  I have used these earphone all weekend and suffered no discomfort.  The earphones stayed in placed once inserted and there was no looseness or anything, even with prolonged use.


These earphones can be picked up from Amazon UK for around £12.99 GBP and with Christmas just around the corner, these would make an ideal gift.

The Razer Ferox mobile speakers are designed to allow you to maximise your gaming and music sound experience while on the go.  They are definitely small enough to carry around with you, but do they live up to the hype as far as sound quality goes?

The speakers arrived in a nice green and black packaging that shows off the speakers design through the clear plastic window.  On the back and sides of the box, you are provided with specifications and features of the speakers, including the omnidirectional sound and dual colour LED’s.


The speakers have built in rechargeable batteries that you can charge by connecting them up via the included mini USB cable, which is fully braided (32.5″ from tip to tip).  Once fully charged (charges in around 3 hours), the 470mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of playback time.  A very nice design feature is the on/off mode.  All you have to do is push down on the top of the speaker to open them up to turn them on, and push them back down again to turn them off, thanks to the spring mechanism that is inside each speaker.  There is also a snazzy looking blue LED that lights up on the base of the speakers that acts as a battery indicator which stays a constant blue when fully charged, flashes whilst charging, and if the battery is running low, the light changes to red. (also available in green).  On the top of each speaker is the Razer logo.

Both speakers include a 30mm driver, that are pointing upwards.  This is what enables the omnidirectional sound so no matter where you are sat, it is as if you are straight in front of the speakers, as you have to be with other portable speakers, etc.  Sound quality wise, the Ferox speakers are better than most portable speakers that you come across, and are also better than most laptop speakers.  Saying this though, they do lack in the bass department due to the 150Hz minimum frequency that these speakers have.  They weren’t overly impressive when listening to music, but when watching TV through the PC or my phone, things definitely improved and it was a pleasure to listen to.


The portability of these speakers is definitely one of their strong points.  You can pack them up in the provided carry pouch, along with the USB cable for charging and take them pretty much anywhere.  Size wise, each speaker sits quite comfortably in the palm of most hands and are very lightweight.  When the cable is connected to the speakers, you can have a distance of up to 37″ between speakers.

Overall, these speakers are very easy on the eye, lightweight and very portable.  Whilst they may not be overly great for listening to music at higher levels, they definitely provide a better experience than you would expect.  For the price of around £51 on Amazon UK they may be worth a try.  If you are expecting to be able to blast out your music and be able to hear every little bit of bass, then these are not for you.  For listening to TV and gameplay on the go, as well as sharing these experiences with friends and family thanks to the omnidirectional sound, then yes, these could well be for you.

Comfort and sound quality is something that everybody looks for when buying a set of earphones nowadays.  The kind folk over at HiSoundAudio were kind enough to send me out a pair of their E300 earphones to try out and review.


First up, the packaging for the earphones is rather nice.  They come packaged in a triangle shapred box that is see through and allows you to see the earphones in their entirety.  On the rear of the packaging, you will find some information about the earphones, as well as some product specifications.  Opening the packaging and getting hands on with the earphones showed the quality of the earphones.  With its decent cable length of 124 cm and the angled 3.5mm jack, things were looking good so far.

The green and black colour scheme goes together really nice, especially for me considering how much I Like green!  The ear buds themselves have the HiSoundAudio logo on them, and also a weird look to them – I was kind of skeptical about how comfortable they would be and also if they would stay in place as intended.


I plugged them into my phone and gave them a test run.  Firstly, the angled 3.5mm jack is something that, personally, I wouldn’t have gone with.  It puts more pressure on the cable if you have your phone or MP3 player in your pocket and the jack plugs in to the top of the device, like mine does.  The ear buds did fit comfortably into my ears, however, every time I hit the wire accidentally or brushed against it in some way, I could hear it in my ears also.  I am also not sure how well these would stay in place with people who have larger ear canals as mine are not overly large and I think they managed to stay in place just right.  The sound quality was definitely better than it has been when using other earphones.  There was no tinny sound to the music and everything came through loud and clear.


Overall, I think these earphones are pretty decent.  Aside from the little niggles (angled jack and hearing myself touch the cable), I think that the E300 earphones would suit most people, although there are probably better alternatives out there for the money that you would pay.

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