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The Speak’n Go Earset from Sandberg is  made to not only provide you with the freedom of using your phone whilst keeping your hands free, but also to provide excellent call quality, with the added extra of using it to fill your ears with musical goodness.

The earset arrives in the standard Sandberg packaging – a see through plastic packaging that gives you a nice view of the product itself, with the ‘need to know’ information also included.  The front of the packaging shows that you can use the earset for handsfree conversation, and that the earset contains an inline microphone and answer button.  The back of the packaging provides a short paragraph about the headset – this information is also available in several different languages.


Taking the earset out of the packaging, to be honest, if you have ever used a pair of earphones with your phone or an MP3 player, then you would already know what this earset is like.  It has the standard earphone feel to it, complete with the inline controls for use, and the 3.5mm connector at the end.  The earbuds themselves are the standard size earbuds, not the in-ear ones that are available nowadays.  Saying this though, the in-ear canal version of this earset is available from Sandberg, and both styles are available in a range of colours.

Comfort wise, this earset is not too bad.  I don’t have overly large ears and they stay in place as you would expect them to.  I am not sure, however, how they would feel to someone with smaller ears, or whether they would fit in place enough to be comfortable – the same with people who have larger ears.


I used the earset to listen to some music from my phone and while the music quality was ok, it wasn’t the greatest I have heard.  Saying that, this earset is made for managing phone calls while on the go, and in that respect, they performed really well.  I had no complaints regarding the quality of my voice during phone calls, and I have no complaints in regards to the voice on the other end of the call.

Overall, this headset does what it was made for, very well.  Trying to use it for other tasks such as listening to music, etc, I don’t think would provide the satisfaction that you may be used to with other earphones.  For a handsfree headset for use when on the go, the Sandberg Speak’n Go does exactly what it says on the tin (and packaging).

Having something high quality to protect your phone is a must nowadays.  There are cases available from a very large range of suppliers, but do they all do the job as they should..

The be.ez LA Cover Allure iPhone 5 case arrived in very minimal packaging.  A simple transparent plastic window on the front of the box that gives you a view of the case before buying it, whilst on the back of the packaging you get a list of features, provided in several different languages.


The case itself is made from a high quality plastic which is not only very lightweight, but also very durable.  The case has all of the right holes in all of the right places.  The edges of the case are transparent so that the case looks as minimalistic as possible, while still providing the protection required for your phone.  I actually quite like the transparent sides as it looks as if only the back and a slight amount of the phone edge is covered.  I did find that I still had an ample amount of grip on the case and did not come close to dropping it even once (YES!).  The case itself is also easy to put on your phone and just as easy to remove it again.

The design on the case is actually pretty nice.  The case is not overly bright and is from the LA cover Allure range of phone cases so is available in various colours – something for everyone, I am sure.  The case os sturdy, minimal, and does the job that you would expect of it really well.  Overall, I really do like it and would definitely purchase another one from this range.