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As you may have noticed, I have a soft spot for cases for my iPhone. I am constantly changing them out and using different ones. So when the kind folk over at caseable agreed to let me review one of their iPhone 4 cases, I was over the moon.

After sitting and having a long and detailed look through their large range of iPhone 4 cases, I finally decided on the Bobafett Orange case. Once the order was placed, it was a case of waiting a few days for delivery.  If you would rather design your own case, there is also an easy to use ‘Create My Own’ section of the site.  You just select your device from their large range and go through the motions that way.


caseable make all of their cases using durable, recycled materials – recycled plastic bottles when it comes to iPhone cases. They also use green neoprene for their laptop sleeves and the strong cardboard in their iPad and Kindle cases is also recycled.

When my case arrived, it was packaged nice and securely so that no damage occurred whilst in transit. First impressions were very high. The orange popped and is very eye catching and the Boba Fett design on the back is very well detailed, right down to the mustache and the ‘Mustache Wars’ text on the back in the Star Wars font.  The colour and details on the phone case are very vibrant and very nice to look at.


You have spaces in all of the usual places – camera, mute switch and volume buttons, power button, earphone jack, and the bottom for the charger cable and speakers.  The gap where the mute and volume buttons are is actually fully accessible with nothing surrounding the buttons at all.  I found things easier when it came to removing the case as there was no fear of snapping the little piece of case that is usually there.  The case itself fits very nicely to the phone and is a snug fit to the edges with no raising around the phone.  It has a nice feel to it, as well as not adding extra weight to the phone as the case is very light.


Overall, it is safe to say that I am very pleased with the case.  There is a very large range to choose from, and as mentioned above, you can create your own personalised case if none of the artist made cases catch you eye.

The ‘Bobafett Orange’ iPhone 4 case is available on the caseable website for £24.90GBP.

I also have been provided with a £5 discount code for you to use if you would like to either purchase one of the designs for yourself, or even create your own case from caseable.  Just enter ‘TootieTazzy’ at the checkout to receive the discount.


**For a list of the box contents, please check out my unboxing video that can be found here.**

When it comes to playing videogames in both short and long sittings, you want comfort, decent sound quality and a price tag that isn’t going to sting.

This is where I find out and let you know if the ORB GP Rumble Headset for PS3 and PC from ORB Accessories is up to par.

First things first. When you first see the ORB GP Rumble Headset, you are greeted with a nice black headset coupled with an attractive blue mesh padding around the headband and ear cups. The padding is reasonably thick which makes it very comfortable to wear – the longest I have worn it for at a time is just over 2 hours and I did not experience any ear discomfort. You also have the built-in mic on the left ear cup which enables you to chat to online friends while getting immersed in your favourite game. The padded headband is fully adjustable and should fit all head sizes without any issues. The cable length is very generous at around 3 metres. You also have a USB extension cable, just in case the supplied cable isn’t long enough. The headset is powered via USB, so no chance of batteries running out of juice in the middle of a major boss fight or important career race. A little further down on the cable you have the volume controls for both voice and chat volume levels. There is also a mic mute switch and a switch to turn the Rumble on and off. This headset also be recognised as an extra sound device by a PC and works with most available games. I tried the headset on both Windows 7 & 8, It was recognised by both and worked perfect with both.


Next up we have the Rumble feature. I was a bit skeptical when I first read about this and was wondering how exactly it was going to work. What can I say? It was totally unexpected and amazing. When you activate the Rumble feature, you are instantly thrown into the game more-so than just having the amazing sound. When there is a loud roar or you end up crashing your beloved car, your ears know about it as much as your hands do from the controller. The Rumble headset feature makes the earphones vibrate which in turn makes everything seem that much more realistic.

Coupled with the rumble effects, the sound quality from the ORB GP headset was pretty surprising, especially for a headset that hasn’t cost you a fortune to purchase. There were no crackles or tinny moments and everything came through clear and crisp, both game and voice chat wise. Whilst on the subject of sound quality, I asked a few people how my voice was coming through to them and was told it was clear and they could hear me with no issues – another bonus.

Considering the price you would pay for this headset – I have seen it vary from £29.99 to £45.00 – you definitely should not be disappointed. I have nothing bad to say about it. My partner tried it as well and liked it – trust me, if he likes it, it can’t be bad! Give it a try, the rumble effect alone is well worth the money you would spend on this!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will get back to you ASAP.

Another unboxing video for you today.  This one is for the ORB GP Rumble PS3/PC Gaming Headset from Orb Accessories.

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The review should be up soon.

See bottom of this page for eBay link and price details.

I initially got this tripod to help me with the video reviews, etc, that I have planned for my YouTube channel. After receiving it, I have found that I can also use it for Skype and video chat.

The tripod itself, for the price it is being offered for, does the job very well. The quality of the tripod is loads better than I initially thought it would be. The resizable arm clips move about freely, enabling you easily adjust the arm to fit whichever device you are wanting to use with the tripod. Once you have the device in place, there is a little bolt on the side that you can loosen so that you can move the holder into the position that you want, and then tighten the same bolt back up to hold it firmly in place.

Due to the size and weight of this tripod, it is very easy to carry around with you if you want to, meaning that you will never miss an opportunity due to having nothing to support your device.


If you are looking for something that is not only light, not bulky, but also good quality and cheap, then I would highly recommend this tripod.

Product description:

High quality
Rotatable tripod stand for mobile phone/digital camera
360 degrees rotation
Lightweight and portable
Fits most mobiles phones and digital cameras

Suitable for different size and thickness phones/digital cameras
Can be rotated to any angle and direction
re-sizeable arm clip to secure your phone/camera
Easy to carry and operate

Colour: Black
Weight: 80gg

You can purchase this exact tripod from “poptasion” on eBay for £4.29 – free postage.