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Kingston is a brand that is usually associated with products such as PC memory, SSD’s, and USB drives.  To celebrate 10 years of their HyperX range, they have teamed up with SteelSeries to release a limited edition HyperX version of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Gaming Headset.  I was lucky enough to receive one of these headsets to review.

The box itself shows a clear view of the front of the metallic blue headset through the clear window.  It has both, the Kingston logo, as well as the SteelSeries logo.  You will also find a detailed list of just some of the headsets features, as well as the logos of the teams that are sponsored by SteelSeries and Kingston.  On one side of the box, you will see an image of one of the earcups, as well as an image of the retractable microphone.  You can see the same retractable microphone image on the other side of the box also.  On the back of the box you have a brief description of the collaboration between Kingston and SteelSeries, the specification list, as well as a few more images of the headset.  Lastly, on the top of the box, there is a HyperX 10 Years logo, and the game team logos again.


On removing the headset from the box, the metallic blue colour scheme was the first thing that caught my eye.  Combining that with the Kingston HyperX branding that you will find in several locations on the headset, it all seems to work very well together.  The headset itself boasts a 1 meter, rubber coated cable that has two gold plated audio jacks on the end.  Also included is a 2 meter extension cable – also with gold plated audio jacks – that you connect the primary cable up to, to enable you to use the headset comfortably at your PC.  On the primary cable there is an inline audio control that can be used to control the volume of the headset, and can also be used to mute the microphone.  This inline control boasts the SteelSeries logo.


The earcups themselves are 50mm driver units and are the nice metallic blue colour that was mentioned earlier and have a black mesh type design to the outside of the cup, complete with white HyperX branding.  The material used on the earcups themselves feels like a leather type material that is very soft and cushioned to touch.  On the inside of both cups, there is the white HyperX branding again.  On the bottom of the left earcup is where you will find the retractable microphone.  This is very well placed and pulls out without any exceeded force.  The microphone must be facing your mouth for you to be heard, which helps with background noise.  It is easily pushed back inside the headset again so that you can use the headset for music or movies without having the microphone being in the way.  The headband for the headset has two plastic coated metal rods that ensure stability of the headset.  The headband itself automatically adjusts to fit the head of the person who is wearing it by using elasticated metal cables instead of a manually adjustable mechanism.  The headband is a black leather type material with a soft underside and has the Kingston HyperX logo over the top.


The headset itself is very easy on the eye.  The colour scheme works really well, and the headset is very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.  It feels very lightweight when you do have it on your head, and the option to have the microphone pushed back inside the headset when not in use is very welcomed.  The sound quality, no matter what you are doing, is pretty amazing.  You can hear every little sound when playing a game, and whether you are using the headset to watch tv or listen to music, you will not be disappointed.  When you put all of these points together with the price of around £69.00, depending on where you look, you really cannot go wrong with this headset!