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I for one really enjoy changing the way my phone looks, whether it be by using skins or cases. I was very excited to receive the Mood Ring Wrap from the kind people over at to review, especially when I remembered back to being a kid and having a fair few actual mood rings.

The packaging that the wrap arrives in is very nice to look at. A white rectangle box with the Slickwraps logo, as well as text telling you what phone the wrap is for. It has a window on the bottom half of the box that shows the wrap.  Along with the wrap itself, I also received a couple of the Slickwraps stickers, a couple of the QR Code cards (mentioned in the previous review here) and an awesome green rubber wristband.


Inside the box you get the following

Seperate wrap for both front and rear of the phone
Two piece bumper wrap
HD Screen Protector
Mood Ring Home Button
Microfiber Cloth

When the Slickwraps Mood Ring Wrap first arrived, it looked like any other black wrap in the packaging. This all changed once I removed it from the box and got a little bit of heat behind it.

The wrap itself was very easy to apply to my phone. After giving my phone a quick rub over with the included Microfiber Cloth, which is Slickwraps branded (nice touch), I removed the wrap from the backing and it went on first time with no bubbles. The material that the wrap is made from allows you to remove and re-apply the wrap if you put it on slightly off center. The front wrap was a little more tricky but due to being able to remove and re-apply, it went on fine the second try. The Bumper wrap went on just as easy too. The end of the wrap lines up nicely with the black bits that you see on your bumper, so it is easy to apply and start from here and just feed it around the phone, aligning it as you go. The included HD Screen Protector was just as easy to apply and the Microfiber Cloth helped to smooth out the small bubbles that may be left around the edges.


You will notice that you have the option to remove the Home Button section from the front wrap if you would like. You can use this piece on your Home Button or just leave it off. I decided to leave mine off as you will notice in the image.

After having it all applied, now was the time to see exactly how the colour changing worked. I sat back and left my phone on the arm of my chair for a few minutes to cool right down. I then just rested my fingers on the wrap for a few seconds and then removed them. I have to admit, I was impressed with how much the colour actually changed. I had perfect finger shapes on the back of my phone, in not just one, but four colours!

Since putting the Mood Ring Wrap on my phone, I have been showing it off to anyone and everyone. Even just pulling the phone out of my pocket in the middle of the supermarket has gained some interest and I have pointed them all in the same direction –

This wrap is most likely the best wrap I have had for my phone and I would recommend it to anyone who may be looking for something to add a bit of a snazzy look to their phone while protecting it from scratches and marks at the same time.

Today I am going to be reviewing an Xbox 360 wrap from the guys over at I went for the Lime Carbon Fiber wrap so that it would go nicely with my green and white custom controller.

Firstly, the product arrived in good time, about a week, which is good considering it was shipped from America. When it arrived, it came in a solid packaging which prevented the wrap from being bent or creased whilst in transit. Inside the packaging I found the wrap, a nicely sized and styled sticker, a microfiber cloth and a few miniature cards. The miniature cards include QR Codes on the back that take you to different websites and channels.


One has a Slickwraps logo in the front which also provides you with the social network links – the QR Code on the back of this card takes you to the section on that provides instructions on how to apply your Slickwrap. The second has a Facebook logo on the front and the QR code on the back takes you to their Facebook page. The third and final card has an iTunes logo on the front and the QR Code takes to the iTunes app store to download their new Slickwraps Wallpaper app (which is pretty cool, just for the record!). Finally, you will find a small Slickwraps logo sticker.

Before you even think about applying your Slickwrap to your device, I would highly recommend you check out the instruction page over at You will find videos that will help you to fit your wrap perfectly.

After watching the video that you need for your device you should be at the stage of fitting the wrap. When it comes to peeling your wrap off of the backing paper, just go slowly. With this being a wrap for a controller, there are a lot of gaps and it isn’t a solid wrap all the way around. There is a gap on both the left and right side of the wrap so that it is easier to maneuver around the left thumbstick and also the X, Y, B, A buttons.  Use the included microfiber cloth to wipe over your device to ensure that there is no dust or dirt is lingering to get stuck underneath the wrap whilst applying it.

I think that I got lucky when fitting mine as I managed to apply it first time. I found that the easiest way to fit it was to line up the Xbox Guide Button on the controller so that it was in the center of the hole and then line up the X, Y, B, A buttons and then apply it from there. As you smooth down the wrap so that it is applied properly, make sure that you smooth down the edges on each side of the wrap as you go along so as not to leave any creases or bubbles along the edge of the wrap. I found it easiest to smooth it down bit by bit and once one side was finished, I moved over to the other side. The video really did help with this.


Once your wrap is applied, sit back and admire your handiwork! I found that the Carbon Fiber wrap has a nice feel to it which adds a bit of extra grip whilst holding the controller. The Carbon effect also looks very nice, especially when the light hits it. It has definitely put the finishing touch to my custom controller.

For the price that you pay ($9.95USD for this particular wrap) it is definitely something that I could see myself buying and using again, especially on my other controllers. It takes away the plain look and adds a bit of colour.

Wraps are currently available for a wide range of products and devices. Head over to for a look at everything that is available.

A big thanks to the guys over at Slickwraps for sending this out for me to review.