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Everyone loves geeky gaming goodies, right?!  The only issue is, items can sometimes be very expensive, and/or, the quality isn’t always up to scratch.  When the kind folk over at PDP (Performance Designed Products) offered to send me over a few of their Pixel Pals to take a look at, I couldn’t refuse.

The ones that landed on my doorstep a few days later are Mario, Luigi, and last but by no means least, Link (from Zelda, if you needed to know.)  First impressions??  AMAZEBALLS!!  These little guys are all just a pleasure to look at.  But it doesn’t stop there.



Each Pixel Pal stands at around 5 inches tall and around an inch wide, which helps to keep them upright without having to use alternative methods.  The magic really starts when you pop off the battery compartment on the back (each of which has a character themed sticker on the back) and stick in 2 x AAA batteries (not included.)  Then simply flip the switch into the On position.  These little guys then glow in all their illuminated goodness.  Now don’t get me wrong, they all look pretty impressive before the are switched on, but once they are all lit up, they look even better!  I like the fact that they are battery powered, as there are no pesky wires in the way.



Pixel Pals are priced at around £14.99, but I have only found them available at either GAME or Amazon.  You can see some of the range on the PDP website here.  I am hoping more of the range will come to the UK, mainly so I can complete the collection.

These 8-bit, eye catching figures would make ideal gifts for the gamer in your life, and being priced relatively low, they aren’t going to break the bank.  In my opinion, they are well worth every penny.